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    Complete Acreage Development Services

    We offer complete acreage development services for western Manitoba. From the initial planning meeting to any bush removal, excavation/demolition work that may be involved to clear your property, right through to your septic system, home plumbing and heating, we work on your project to your complete satisfaction.

    Services - Acreage Development

    Driveway/Laneway Construction

    Our driveways are built to suit all kinds of properties from straight off a grid road to a winding trail through the trees. A good driveway needs a solid base free of topsoil and built up with gravel/clay. Do you have a favorite tree you don’t want removed, no problem we will go around. See, we are easy to work with!

    Services - Lanes & Driveways


    We provide excavation services for residential and commercial, with the experience and machinery to handle various projects and sizes. Everything from a new basement, bin pads, road repairs, culverts, trenching for water/gas/electrical/geothermal, water bowls, sewer/water hook up, cisterns, backfilling, rock and big block retaining walls, lake front shoreline protection to leveling hills and relocating dirt to shape yards.

    Services - Excavation

    Septic Systems

    Every septic system and property is different, but there are many solutions available for both residential and commercial. From a simple holding tank or, septic tank and septic field, to advanced treatment units installed in confined or limited locations. We will design and install a certified septic system that will accommodate your home or business and your property layout.

    Services - Septic systems


    Whether you are cleaning up an old farm yard, making room for the house or cottage of your dreams, or maybe you have an old in ground pool you want removed and filled in. Your demolition will be handled as effectively and safely as possible. We have completed partial and complete demolitions from houses to multi story airplane hangars.

    Services - Demolition

    Ponds & Dugouts

    Make your land locked acreage property a water front and enjoy a cool dip on those hot days. Whether you need a dugout for fish, cattle, or just a large pond for recreation, we can supply the knowledge and equipment so you can be sure it lasts. Who wouldn’t want their own private lake with an island!

    Services - Ponds & Dugouts


    Start your build off right with a solid foundation to build on. Whether you plan new construction, an addition or need to make repairs to a leaking basement, we have you covered. We can also start planning your septic system and home plumbing all at the same time.

    Services - Basements

    Laser Ditching & Drainage

    Drainage is important from agricultural farm land to your own home yard. Improper water runoff can be very detrimental, but with properly designed drainage you won’t be worried every time it rains. Excavated soil from drainage ditches can be used to fill in shallow pot holes to turn once unprofitable farm land into profitable producing land. We also install tile where ditches are not feasible. Why buy more land when you can make it for less!

    Services - Laser Ditching

    Gravel & Trucking

    Need your driveway gravelled, no problem we can gravel your lane with our belly dump trailer. We have tandem dump trucks as well as end dump trailers. We can supply you with a variety of aggregates, from screened gravels, screened river rock, crushed gravel, to large rip rap rock for erosion control or landscaping.

    Services - Gravel services

    Snow Removal

    Winter storms sure can pile the snow on which can lead to an overwhelming amount of shoveling, especially if you live on an acreage and have a long driveway. We provide snow removal for rural property owners with a snow blower on a compact track loader. This blows the snow a long way away and eliminates the hard snow drifts on the side of your driveway. We also have the equipment to clear and haul snow from driveways to commercial lots.

    Services - Snow Removal


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